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About Us


De'Jon Pier'e is a renowned lifestyle fashion brand with its origins and headquarters situated in the vibrant city of London. Our journey began in 2015, marking a significant milestone on De'Jon's 32nd birthday. We proudly represent the cutting edge of online commerce, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of men's, children's, and women's fashion.

De'Jon Pier'e Fashion Brand is a remarkable journey that began in the early 2000s when De'Jon Pier'e, initially known for his distinctive music, decided to follow a new creative path. In 2014, he made the bold transition from music to the world of fashion, naming his online brand after his own first and middle names, a tribute to his father's idea. With two albums available on platforms like iTunes and Spotify, his music and fashion worlds coexist harmoniously.

De'Jon Pier'e's style, charisma, and extroverted persona seamlessly flow into his clothing line, epitomizing modern online retail. The brand officially came into its own in 2015 when De'Jon was 32, establishing a unique identity in the fashion industry. Collaborating with models, athletes, and sports ambassadors, he hones in on the perfect audience for his brand. From selecting models to styling captivating photoshoots and overseeing the final products, he ensures that his clothing is presented in the best light.

De'Jon Pier'e has set his own fashion rules and firmly believes in the potential for success in the world of e-commerce and online retail shopping, driven by dedication and merit. He has received accolades and awards, including three Fashion Brand of the Year Awards certified by Prestige Awards since 2020.

The brand first gained recognition in 2020 when it received the Boutique Fashion Business of the Year award from Central England Prestige Awards. Judges were impressed by De'Jon's passion, determination, and innate fashion sensibilities, recognizing his collections for their simplicity, style, high-quality materials, and their ability to cater to the modern need for individual expression.

In November 2021, De'Jon Pier'e secured his second Prestige Award, being named 'Fashion Brand of the Year' in Central England. His impact during the challenging Covid-19 era was celebrated with an intimate dinner in Birmingham.

The streak of success continued in June 2022, with De'Jon Pier'e winning 'Fashion Brand of the Year 2022/23' for Central England for the third consecutive time. This achievement came after the launch of the Alliance Collection, marked by a front cover magazine feature and an exclusive interview. His consistency, work ethic, and strategic partnerships with athletes, musicians, and influencers have helped the brand maintain its authenticity while gaining immense popularity.


Notably, De'Jon's 'Face of the Brand' campaign, featuring public figures engaging with the clothing industry, has consistently boosted the brand's reputation and appeal. De'Jon Pier'e Fashion Brand is a testament to creativity, dedication, and the unwavering belief that fashion is a means of personal expression.

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