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De'Jon Pier'e originally came to popularity for his personality and eye for the creative streak in the early 2000s with his unique music. In 2014 he removed his music from all platforms to focus more on the brand as it was getting well-known wider afield.


The brand became fully established in 2015 when De'Jon Pier'e was 32. His unique style and extrovert personality and flair transcends into his clothing line which is part of the modern ways of online retail stores.

De'Jon has worked with hundreds of models, athletes and sportspeople over the years to capture the right target audience to maximise his brand. From choosing the model, and styling them on shoot with professional, eye-catching poses, to overseeing the final product, he is dedicated to ensuring the images of the clothing are represented well.


He has developed his own fashion rules and markets his designs with an absolute belief that you can be a successful brand, with merit, in the world of ecommerce and online retail shopping.

Additionally, due to requests from De'Jon's niche crowd who still enjoy his music from his early days, and who ask about the music from time to time, he has decided to release an album on all streaming platforms so his audience can still enjoy his music and videos. The release date for this music has not been confirmed yet but it will be sometime in 2023!

Prestige Award


A Life of Fashion

The De'Jon Pier'e brand began making waves by receiving a recognition award for Boutique Fashion Business of the Year for 2020/21, from Central England Prestige Awards. The judges were particularly impressed with De’Jon for bringing passion and determination to his brand, along with a natural gift for fashion. His collections are simple yet stylish, made from high-quality fabrics and well-suited to the modern need for expressing individuality.

In November 2021 De'Jon Pier'e won his second Prestige Award for 'Fashion Brand of the Year' in Central England. By surprise he won this award due to making an impact during the Covid-19 era. He was invited for an intimate dinner with six guests to honour this in Birmingham.

In June 2022, Pier'e was notified by the Prestige Awards that he had won 'Fashion Brand of the Year 2022/23' for Central England for the third time in a row, after the release of the Alliance Collection. Celebrations for this win include, for the second time in a row, a 'Front Cover' magazine feature with an exclusive interview. This award was given due to the consistency of his work ethic with the brand, working with athletes, musicians and influencers to gain popularity whilst still holding the authenticity of the brand. Part of his strategy is working with the right people which is why he focuses on big campaigns such as 'Face of the Brand' which illustrates a public figure engaging with the clothing industry. This campaign has always helped maximised the brand's reputation and popularity.

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